[Mono-list] Problems with System.Data.OracleClient under mod_mono

Trygve Falch trygu@synth.no
Fri, 17 Dec 2004 19:26:43 +0100


I have been fighting with mod_mono and a simple WebService that uses
System.Data.OracleClient. I just get an error-message from mod_mono that

	The remote server returned an error (500) Internal Server Error

I have a similar program which I run from the command line which works
great. I can also (kind of) make it to work running it under XSP.

I have checked the environment variables for mod_mono, I have checked
that the dll-map in /etc/mono/config is correct without any success.

The exception is thrown when I'm doing a 'dbcon.Open();' I know the
connection strings are Ok.

Is there btw a way of turning on stacktracing while running a WebService
application under mod_mono?