[Mono-list] interesting discussion regarding managed dynamic libraries

Pieter Breed Pieter Breed <pieter.breed@gmail.com>
Thu, 16 Dec 2004 14:01:45 +0200

> This is already supported at the IL level.  Google for "Inverse
> P/Invoke", or see:

This is a very nice link, thank you. Since our solutions run on Win32
anyway, I might convince my manager to let me write such an utility as
is described here ;-)

> As Ian MacLean already mentioned, this solution isn't portable as it
> requires that the native OS linker use PE libraries.

I am afraid I do not really understand what you mean. What does PE
have to do with this? AFAIK PE is the format into which windows
executable files get compiled? IOW - Will one not be able to do the
same IL modification using mono's diss-assembler and re-assembler?


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