[Mono-list] Mono libraries

Martin Hansen mah@cfsi.dk
Wed, 15 Dec 2004 15:29:56 +0100

Hi All

I downloaded mcs-1.0.4, and it compiled fine.

But I cannot figure out how to convince mcs/mono to use the libraries =
that I compiled.
I knoe that the is a switch for mcs -L or -lib: but they will not stop =
mcs to search in standard libs too. As I tried:
mcs -lib:/home/notexistingdir Main.cs
And it compiled.

I also tried=20
mcs -nostdlib -lib:~/monotest/lib Main.cs
but that would not compile

First time I compilled there where just a set of links in ~/monotest/lib =
pointing to the ones in /usr/lib. Then I set the =
LIBRARY_INSTALL_DIR=3D~/monotest/lib and ran make now I got the =
asemblies in there.

Am I wrong in doing this?

Med venlig hilsen

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