[Mono-list] Swap out M$'s System.Data.SqlClient and substitute Mono's System.Data.SqlClient

Mark Gimelfarb mark@dawebber.com
Tue, 14 Dec 2004 17:16:21 -0600

Hello, all!
	I got asked this by one of the developers working with me: "Can I just
swap out the Microsoft's System.Data.SqlClient and use Mono's instead?".
This particular developer has been having issues with MS's
implementation of SqlClient namespace and would like to see he can
escape them by using Mono's implementation, which is 100% managed (MS
got a unmanaged layer hooking into dbnetlib from what I understand). 

So, my question to you guys is:  "Can I just build a stand-alone version
of Mono's System.Data.dll with csc and substitute it instead of MS's

I understand that some of the stuff System.Data does are
runtime-dependent, but since corlib b/w Mono and MS.Net are
API-compliant, I was thinking maybe it was possible to do that.

Obviously, the references will have to be adjusted for the application
project to work properly, but that isn't an issue.

The app in question is an ASP.NET app, even though I don't think it's
relevant in this case. And no, it can't run under XSP yet, as some of
the third-party controls it's using don't work with XSP yet.

Thanks in advance.


Mark Gimelfarb <mark@dawebber.com>