[Mono-list] XSD Tool and code generators

Carlos Guzmán Álvarez carlosga@telefonica.net
Sun, 12 Dec 2004 10:57:59 +0100


> I don't think it is possible. You could still edit XmlSerializer
> attributes on those classes manually, if your "classes" mean
> XmlSerializable (xsd /c) types. Is it possible with .net?

What i can tell is that i haven't found a way of doing it.

Anyway i have generated the classes using the .NET 2.0 Beta 1 xsd tool
and i will be doing the modifications manually.

> In such cases, please just file a bug in bugzilla.ximian.com

Ok, i was testing with mono 1.1.2 i will try to generate the code using
the latest mono version before fill the bug report.

Thanks very much !!

Best regards

Carlos Guzmán Álvarez

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