[Mono-list] Mixing languages within

Kelly Leahy kellyleahy@swbell.net
Fri, 10 Dec 2004 07:20:45 -0800 (PST)

--- Colin JN Breame <colin@breame.com> wrote:

> Michal Moskal wrote:

> >
> Not that I'm an expert, but the 'common' parts would
> probably be 
> something like:
> - a shared symbol table
> - shared intermediate representation (does mcs or
> the vb compiler use an 
> intermediate representation?  how about ironpython
> and nemerle?)
> - shared error reporting mechnism

All sounds very good to me.  Again, however, my
question has to be this:  Are we trying to build a
better compiler system for .NET compatible languages
than the one MS has, or are we trying to build a
cross-platform compiler that has similar (hopefully
the same) features as the MS compilers?

I assert the latter.

If we want to build a compiler that has all kinds of
neat features that the MS compiler doesn't have,
that's fine, but I think it should be separate from
mcs proper, as mcs proper should "act like" the MS
compiler insofar as that is possible.