[Mono-list] IHttpModule and xsp

Shawn Vose mono@programmerforrent.com
Tue, 07 Dec 2004 19:57:18 -0500


In response to what version I am running of mono and xsp I am running 
1.04. I noticed when I fire up xsp I get the following message

[voseman@devServer voseman]$ xsp --version

(/usr/local/bin/xsp.exe:22063): GLib-CRITICAL **: file gstrfuncs.c: line 
2129 (g
_strsplit): assertion `string != NULL' failed

(/usr/local/bin/xsp.exe:22063): GLib-CRITICAL **: file gstrfuncs.c: line 
2241 (g
_strjoinv): assertion `str_array != NULL' failed
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(c) 2003,2004 Novell, Inc.
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[voseman@devServer voseman]$

I would expect this is not normal, my question is might this be 
something that would effect IHttpmodule support?