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Joshua Tauberer tauberer@for.net
Mon, 06 Dec 2004 08:18:03 -0500

Pavol Stárek PSŽ wrote:
> is there any detailed handbook how to generate documentation for mono 
> projects???
> Im working on larger project and part is developed on mono and part on 
> .NET so i need to generate documentation readable on windows best 
> offline...


There are two ways you might go about this.  Both involve getting stuff 
from the Subversion repository.

Atsushi has just checked in his patch for /doc support to mcs.  This 
takes documentation comments in the source code and writes it out to a 
documentation xml file, the same way Microsoft handles documentation 
comments.  I haven't tried it yet, but if you compile the latest mcs 
from the Subversion repository, you should be able to generate MS-style 
docs with the /doc option, which you can then convert to a presentation 
format with the NDoc program.

The second way is to use my tools in the Subversion repository in 
/monodoc/tools, plus Monodoc.  (For those reading, I've simplified this 
process somewhat since the last time I wrote out instructions.)  With 
this method, you put your documentation in external xml files.  In 
short, this is what you'd do:
	Check out the /monodoc/tools directory.
	Run make in that directory.
	Generate stub documentation files for your assembly:
	  mono monodocer.exe --stub --assembly path/to/assembly.dll --dest:docfiles
	Use monodoc to edit the documentation files:
	  monodoc --local-edit /full/path/to/docfiles
	(There's a slight glitch that requires that path to be a full path.)
	When your assembly changes, run monodocer to update the files:
	  mono monodocer.exe --update --assembly path/to/assembly.dll 
	And to generate HTML documentation, run
	  mono monodocs2html.exe --source docfiles --dest htmldocs

Good luck.

- Joshua Tauberer


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