[Mono-list] True C# vs Mono-C# Documentation?

Helge Lenuweit helge@lenuweit.net
Fri, 03 Dec 2004 19:31:28 +0100


from my (mostly) spectator's position on this list, I felt that I needed 
to jump in here to say that Mono *is* "True C#"... :-)

Depending on the nature of your application, you might or might not run 
into problems running your code with Mono. At the current stage of 
development of the framework (which is what counts here, not C# itself), 
you will be able get up and running quickly with existing ASP.NET web 
applications and server based/console applications. Problems will arise 
if you (a) have System.Windows.Forms dependant GUI apps and/or (b) need 
to call COM components or (c) need to P/Invoke with Windows platform 
specific functions. If you rely on a database (which is much likely MS 
SQL Server on Windows), you will need to convert to a DBMS that runs on 
Linux as well for a true conversion to that platform (e.g. MySQL, 
PostgreSQL). It makes more sense to compare the problem domains and 
technologies you are using to what mono is currently offering in its 

Best regards,

Lennie De Villiers wrote:

> Hi,
> Iím a newbie to Mono / Mono C#, Iíve a true-C# application (true-C# 
> being C# for Microsoftís .NET framework) application containing out of 
> thousands worth of lines of code that I must convert to running on 
> Linux on a clientís request.
> Since Mono-C# isnít 100% completed with equality with .NET framework, 
> does anyone know where I can find a detail paper that compare Mono C# 
> with True C# that list which classes have been implemented and which 
> is outstanding?
> That will help me *a lot* for doing the conversion over to Mono.
> Thank you!
> Kind Regards,
> Lennie De Villiers