[Mono-list] OpenLDAP with mono

Amish Munshi amish@munshi.biz
Wed, 1 Dec 2004 18:16:01 +0530

On Wednesday 01 December 2004 18:09, you wrote:
> I think if you take the try{} catch{} out you will get a clearer idea of
> where the problem lies - this exception appears to be from
> LdapException.ToString() which whilst a problem is meaning you are not
> seeing what the underlying problem is.

The output does not change irrespective of weather the try block exists (why 
does the catch block not catch the exception?)

Finally I got the solution for this.
I should have used dc=example,dc=com, I did not have the tree ou=example,o=com 
in ldap.  ""you are free to hit me for this one""
There are 2 problems still. 
1. The Error could have been a little better.
2. The program does not terminate, it just keeps running. Adding 
ldapConn.Disconnect() does not terminate the application either.

Thanks for the help, Although I wouldnt put this into production, I can 
atleast continue my studies/development work.