[Mono-list] Npgsql 0.7beta1 released

Francisco Figueiredo Jr. fxjrlists@yahoo.com.br
Tue, 31 Aug 2004 01:35:20 -0300

  Hi all,

Npgsql Team is proud to announce a new release. You can download it from 

Features added:

Added support for point, box, lseg, path, polygon and circle datatypes. 
They are mapped to NpgsqlPoint, NpgsqlBox, NpgsqlLSeg, NpgsqlPolygon and 
NpgsqlCircle respectively. Thanks Glen Parker for help.

Added NpgsqlDbType enumeration with all supported types.

Bug fixes:

Added api documentation in code. Thanks Glen Parker. (No html generation 
yet. This will be fixed in next release)

Fixed deserialization of NpgsqlException. There are some issues yet, 
just the base message is being deserialized. Errors collection are null. 
Thanks David Palmer (David dot Palmer at SensusTech dot com) for the 
heads up and fix.

Improved Unicode encoding support. It was possible to characters in 
unicode cross the stream buffer and be discarded. Now we use Decoders 
which handle that situation. Thanks Oskars Ozols (oskars dot ozols at di 
dot lv)

Improved connection startup code. Now new connections in ms.net goes a 
lot faster. Thanks Mikko Korkalo (mikko.korkalo at f-solutions dot net) 
for the patch.

Fixed a problem with plan execution in 7.3 backend versions. The text 
parameters weren't being quoted and backend complained about that.

- gborg 898: Added HasRows method to NpgsqlDataReader. Thanks keitsi at 
minttupuffet dot net for feature request.

- gborg 899: Fixed return of IsClosed after closing NpgsqlDataReader. 
Thanks Mikko Korkalo (mikko.korkalo at f-solutions dot net) for the patch.

Know Issues:

There are some reports about initial connection delay when using Npgsql 
in windows with ms .net implementation. We are still investigating what 
is causing that. Please, report us if you also have this problem.

Please, send your comments and feedback to mail list: 


Francisco Figueiredo Jr.