[Mono-list] Setting up mod_mono/Apache2

Simon Ask Ulsnes simon@ulsnes.dk
Sun, 29 Aug 2004 00:16:28 +0200

Thanks for the help, I'll see if it works.

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier wrote:

>If instead of ranting you provide more details on how you configure
>apache, you might even get some help.
Yeah, but that's really hard if you have no idea what's wrong and what 
details are missing or relevant because the logs are empty and the docs 
(those I could find in /usr/share/doc/xsp-1.0/) are vague at best.
By the way, I use mod_mono in a fairly standard Apache2 Gentoo-style 
setup. It is configured exactly according to the docs.

And I would like to note that I don't mean to sound negative - I'm 
extremely grateful for the very impressive work the Mono team et al has 
done. It's simply amazing that it works so flawlessly, which is why I 
get really frustrated when it doesn't... ;-)

- Simon