[Mono-list] Beginner C# Book

Carl Olsen carl@carl-olsen.com
Tue, 24 Aug 2004 22:31:50 -0500

I have two recommendations, Mono Kickstart (Sams) and Beginning Visual C#
(Wrox).  I know the second book is written for Windows and Visual Studio,
but it really covers the C# language and syntax well.  I tried learning
ASP.NET first and had to go back and learn C# before it made any sense.  I
just picked up Mono: A Developers Notebook, but haven't started reading it
yet.  I'm currently reading ASP.NET Website Programming (Wrox), which,
again, is another Windows / Visual Studio book.  I'm trying to keep up with
Mono at the same time.  I've moved some C# ASP.NET code from Windows to
Linux and it runs exactly the same on both platforms.  The code I'm using
reads and writes XML files.  It's the BLOG example at the end of the
Beginning Visual C# book, so that should tell you why I'm recommending a
Windows-centric book for learning C# on any platform.

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> Thanks to everyone who responded, I got a lot of great suggestions.  I
> ended up grabbing "Learning C#" from O'Reilly.  It's starting me off
> with the basics and it's not overly long so I can decide what direction
> I want to go once I'm done with it.  Thanks a bunch.
> Tom
> On Sun, 2004-08-22 at 18:39 -0400, Tom McLaughlin wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I'm looking for a good beginner C# book.  Preferably one that does not
> > assume a certain amount of familiarity with C++, Java, or OOP in
> > general.  I picked up "Mono: A Developers Notebook" from O'Reilly
> > figuring that some of the C++ I saw in school would come back to me.
> > What I saw in school was nearly five years ago and it's definitely not
> > coming back.
> >
> > I really need a book that will not only go over the syntax and structure
> > of the language but the underlying fundementals of the language.  (Like
> > not just how to create a vector but what each part of the declaraion
> > means and how it all works.)  Right now I maintain the FreeBSD port for
> > Muine and I am looking at creating ports of other applications.  I would
> > like to have enough familiarity with the language to fix bugs,
> > especially FreeBSD specific bugs in programs.
> >
> > If someone could recommend a book they found to give a good
> > comprehensive understanding of the language to a beginner that would be
> > great.  Thanks.
> >
> > Tom
> >
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