[Mono-list] File(s) not found?

David P. Donahue ddonahue@ccs.neu.edu
Tue, 24 Aug 2004 11:03:16 -0400

I have Apache 1.3.31 running the latest mono module and I'm finding some
strange behavior.  When the module is not loaded. Apache behaves as
expected.  However, when I restart httpd with the following in

LoadModule mono_module libexec/apache/libmod_mono.so             
AddModule mod_mono.c
MonoApplications "/:/home/www/.www"
MonoApplications "/test/eastgate:/home/www/.www/test/eastgate"
<Directory /home/www/.www>
    SetHandler mono
    <IfModule mod_dir.c>
        DirectoryIndex index.aspx default.aspx index.html default.html
index.htm default.htm

then the server gives me a 404 error for every document I attept to
load.  I can get directory listings showing me the files, but any file
requested by the browser (tested so far with .html, .aspx, .jpg, .txt)
results in a 404 error.  Am I missing something?  Has anyone seen this
before?  I'd really appreciate any help I can get, thank you.

David P. Donahue