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Dan Maltes dan@astusa.com
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 09:51:01 -0400

	Welcome to the journey that is C# and the .NET framework!  I found
the book "C# Primer Plus", by Klaus Michelsen, excellent for those new to C#
and OOP:

	It assumes no prior OOP language experience and it focuses on the C#
language and syntax without the distraction of delving too deep into the
extended .NET framework classes, which is a much bigger topic better left
for other books.  Also, no need for Visual Studio.NET, you should be able to
use your favorite text editor or IDE and Mono with the program examples just
fine.  Sharpdevelop(monodevelop on *nix), for instance, is excellent.

	After this book, I dug into "Programming C#" by Jesse Liberty, then
"Professional C#, Second Edition" by Simon Robinson, then "Applied .NET
Framework Programming" by Jeffrey Richter and finally "Programming .NET
Components" by Juval Lowey.  You will find some overlap in these books, but
that's to be expected.  In my opinion, they are all top titles, and I still
use them quite a bit.  Some of them mention the use of VS.NET but do not
require it.

	There are many, many other reference books for specific topics like
ADO.NET, ASP.NET. Windows Forms, etc, but avoid the temptation to veer off
into those areas until you are comfortable with C# and the standard .NET
framework classes first.  I made that mistake and started spinning my wheels
until I went back and finished learning the basics first. ;-)

Dan Maltes

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Hi all,

I'm looking for a good beginner C# book.  Preferably one that does not
assume a certain amount of familiarity with C++, Java, or OOP in general.  I
picked up "Mono: A Developers Notebook" from O'Reilly figuring that some of
the C++ I saw in school would come back to me.
What I saw in school was nearly five years ago and it's definitely not
coming back.

I really need a book that will not only go over the syntax and structure of
the language but the underlying fundementals of the language.  (Like not
just how to create a vector but what each part of the declaraion means and
how it all works.)  Right now I maintain the FreeBSD port for Muine and I am
looking at creating ports of other applications.  I would like to have
enough familiarity with the language to fix bugs, especially FreeBSD
specific bugs in programs.

If someone could recommend a book they found to give a good comprehensive
understanding of the language to a beginner that would be great.  Thanks.


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