[Mono-list] Beginner C# Book

George Birbilis George Birbilis" <birbilis@kagi.com
Mon, 23 Aug 2004 12:58:46 +0300

> >>> I'm looking for a good beginner C# book.  Preferably one that does not
> >>> assume a certain amount of familiarity with C++, Java, or OOP in
> >>> general.  I picked up "Mono: A Developers Notebook" from O'Reilly
> >>> figuring that some of the C++ I saw in school would come back to me.
> >>> What I saw in school was nearly five years ago and it's definitely not
> >>> coming back.

in case he's released "Thinking in C#" for free (had written he was planning
to make such a book) as he had done for "Thinking in C++" and "Thinking in
Java" in the past. Very nice books for learning an OOP language, esp. the
Java one I had partially read... I loved it.

George Birbilis (birbilis@kagi.com)