[Mono-list] MONO_EXTERNAL_ENCODINGS question

Carlos Guzmán Álvarez carlosga@telefonica.net
Sat, 21 Aug 2004 23:35:16 +0200


I'm trying to do a build (on Windows) using a nant 0.85 snapshot and 
mono 1.0.1 and i'm having problems, i'm getting always:

   [delete] Deleting directory 
    [mkdir] Creating directory 
      [csc] Compiling 125 files to 
      [csc] [Invalid UTF-8]
      [csc] Cannot determine the text encoding for argument 1 
(@C:\Documents and Settings\carlos\Configuración local\Temp\tmp493.tmp).
      [csc] Please add the correct encoding to MONO_EXTERNAL_ENCODINGS 
and try again.

The MONO_EXTERNAL_ENCODINGS environment valraible is configured as 

Any idea about how to solve this ??

Best regards

Carlos Guzmán Álvarez

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