[Mono-list] Try SWF first then fallback to console on NotImplementedException?

Peter Dennis Bartok peter@novonyx.com
Fri, 20 Aug 2004 14:28:35 -0600

Just a quick note on your comments. System.Windows.Forms only requires X,
not GTK or GNOME. It's still in heavy development, not really usable for
apps yet, though.


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Date: 20 August, 2004 14:16
Subject: [Mono-list] Try SWF first then fallback to console on

>Hi there,
>I would like to create a simple graphical user interface for the
>benchmarker of ManagedGL, but keeping the console interface as backup.
>Now the problem is that I want to use Windows Forms. Linux keeps the
>console interface, which is easier for the users - they only need to
>have X, Mono, and SDL to run it, and they don't have to install GNOME
>or GTK if they don't want it. Windows users already have got Windows
>Forms, so that is no problem. Also, I am most comfortable with Windows
>The problem is that I want to try to initalize Windows Forms, and
>fallback on console if that fails. Is that possible? My guess would be
>to let the thing initialize and try to catch a NotImplementedException
>and then switch to console. If no such exception is cought, the
>program runs in graphical mode. Is that the way to go?
>My explanation might be a bit unclear, so my apologies for that.
>Oh - if GTK# development has gotten any more reliable on Windows than
>before, I might use it. Renember, it is just for a quick small tool
>and I don't feel like studying GTK# when it is still a small nightmare
>on Windows.
>If GTK# development is very easy on Windows/#Develop please forgive me
>the above statements.
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>his peace.'
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>Sijmen Mulder
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