[Mono-list] compile problem

Gearoid Donnellan Gearoid Donnellan <gearoid.donnellan@gmail.com>
Thu, 19 Aug 2004 14:31:42 +0100

Hi all,

 Im running gentoo with mono 1.0.1 and monodevelop 0.5.

 Im pretty new to mono and monodevelop and I have tried the tutorial
that is on the mono website for mono and gtk#.  I reproduced the
tutorial exactly but when I compile it I get two errors for the lines
with [Widget] on them.
According to the compile it was expecting an ';'. There is one at the
end of the line but it does not seem satisfied with that. When I use
the command-line compiler I get some more information about how it got
OPEN_BRACKET but was expecting BOOL, BREAK etc. Seems to me that the
compiler does not allow lines of code that begin with a bracket.

Is this an actual bug or am I doing something wrong?

I have added an entry to the mono bugzilla about it just in case but
just wanted to know if anyone has seen anything similar.

Also sorry for posting to multiple lists but wasnt sure if the others
were dead or not