[Mono-list] Reply to address

Juhan Kundla cowabonga@juku.kicks-ass.net
Thu, 19 Aug 2004 12:10:02 +0300

Maynard Kuona kirjutas:


> Ok, maybe the replyto is not the best idea, but how about to have mail
> from the mailing list actually have the from being
> mono-list@lists.ximian.com. This is the header from the email I am
> replying to.

There is the From: header and there is the From header.

The From: header should be (and is currently) set to the sender address.
This is what you get, when you simply hit reply from your mailer. No, it
shouldn't be something else.

The From header (the envelope sender) should be set to whatever where
the bounces should go. Definitely this should not be the list address --
we wouldn't want to have all the bounces here, would we? This is
currently set to the list admin address, which is perfectly reasonable.

Some smarter MUAs (like the Mutt i'm using) set the Mail-Followup-To:
header, which is either the list address (when the poster is subscribed)
or the list address and the poster address (when the poster is not
subscribed). If your mailer has list-reply, then this header is used.

Otherwise use group reply, which replies to every address the MUA finds.
This is of course annoying to those original posters, who are
subscribed, since they are getting the replies twice -- once from the
list and once from you.


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