[Mono-list] inlining of methods using structs

Rüdiger Klaehn rudi@lambda-computing.de
Wed, 18 Aug 2004 16:56:49 +0200

Sijmen Mulder wrote:

>>You would not have to do anything. All small methods that do not contain
>>complex stuff like loops or exception handling would be inlined. Instant
>>factor 4 speed boost :-)
> I have read the article you linked, and it is a nice article,
> explaining many things I did not know before. But there is one thing I
> want to be sure of: is a property getter or setter considered a
> method? It seems so, because the original poster had a property in the
> benchmark, but I would like to be assured.
Yes, property getter or setters as well as operators or indexers are 
nothing but methods with a special name and special syntax candy. If you 
inspect a class containing a property getter/setter for a property X, 
you see two methods called get_X and set_X.