[Mono-list] Re: Mono on Windows Primer?

Craig Dayton cadayton@starband.net
Sun, 15 Aug 2004 11:30:39 -0700

Okay, the issue that I was confronted with has been resolved.

Using the 'Mono Win32 Combined Installer', Mono was installed at =
Files\Mono-1.0.1...'.  The 'startXSP.bat' incorrectly was referencing
'C:\Mono\Mono-1.0.1'.  After correcting the directory references, XSP is
working.  I suspect there may be more *.bat files that have invalid
directory references too.

I did find http://www.monotropa.net/ to be very helpful in validating =
Mono for Windows is installed and working correctly.

My main interest in Mono at this time is using mod_mono with Apache2 in =
Windows environment.
Given the response below, I'll use the Mono compiler to compile the
components when necessary.

Thanks All, Craig

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>Craig Dayton wrote:
>>Hi Franciso,
>>Thanks for the response and the pointers to other resources.  I'll=20
>>check them out carefully.
>>When I attempted to compile MSC (1.0.1) using VS .Net 2003, it errors=20
>>with unable to find 'cs.parser.cs'. Searching through the source=20
>>distribution, there is a file titled 'cs.parser.jay' but when renamed=20
>>to the missing file more errors are generated on the compulation.  I=20
>>thought MSC was self hosting which from my reading meant it should be=20
>>able to compile itself.  I didn't find any instructions on how to get=20
>>MSC to compile itself without resorting to installing cygwin or some=20
>>other Unix based utilities.
>>Along with the problem above and the apparent problems with the=20
>>components installed from the Windows installer has lead me=20
>to believe=20
>>there are some issues to over come for the Windows environment.
>>Hopefully, the resources you've pointed out will guide me through the=20
>>process of compiling the various Mono components be it CLI or IDE=20
>>method of doing so.
>>Thanks Again, Craig
>> =20
>Building the core Mono components like the Runtime and/or the C#=20
>compiler (mcs.exe) from Windows is not for everyone.  Today the Win32=20
>version of Mono are built using cygwin.  The build process is a moving=20
>target as well -- this has more to do with the dynamic nature=20
>of cygwin=20
>and its packages.
>All of the installer for windows that I have put together to this date=20
>have basically assemble and extended the binary Mono components that=20
>have resulted from the efforts of Novell employee's=20
>compilation of Mono=20
>for Windows.  By the way, today there is only one official builder of=20
>Mono for Windows at Novell and he is a dedicated resource on=20
>other areas=20
>of Mono functionality.
>If you are just getting started with Mono on Windows I would=20
>suggest you=20
>build applications using Mono rather than trying to build Mono itself.
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