[Mono-list] compiling source code - strange exception

Tomek Soroka tomek_dnet@pts-software.pl
Thu, 12 Aug 2004 22:32:23 +0200

>The exception is occurring within mcs, the C# compiler.
>It is due to one of two things: a bug within the compiler, or invalid
>code (and mcs doesn't correctly capture the exception to report a human
>readable error message).
>If you could post the smallest source code that causes this exception
>message (and tell us if the code compiles under Microsoft CSC.EXE, if
>possible), that would help.
> - Jon

I know that this exception occures in mcs... I try to compile big 
project, which under mcs compiles succesfully.
I can't get smallest code, because project is very big, and I have no 
Idea how to find such piece of code...
Can You give me some advices about finding this? I would help, but I 
have no Idea how :-(