[Mono-list] wx.NET version 0.5

Michael S. Muegel mike-list@muegel.org
Thu, 12 Aug 2004 14:47:00 -0500

A new version of wx.NET was recently released. wx.NET provides .NET bindings
for wxWidgets, a powerful cross-platform GUI toolkit. wx.NET/wx.Widgets uses
the native UI framework on each supported platform: Windows, Linux, and Mac

The new 0.5 version has many improvements over previous releases. A quick
summary of changes:

   + Dozens of new classes.
   + Full support for Mac OS X.
   + New event system: Activated, Closing, MouseEnter, etc. events.
   + Easier to use binary downloads for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
   + An new build system to make compiling easier along with a user
     manual to step you through the process.
   + 6 new samples and an easy to use sample launcher.
   + A new tool to generate C# or VB.NET code from XRC or wxGlade 
     WXG UI layout files. Supports editing of the resulting code and 
     modifications to the UI similar to the VS.NET System.Windows.Forms
   + CLS compliant (no more uints).
   + Numerous bug fixes.

Key contributors to this release:

   Alexander Olk 
   Bryan Bulten
   Mike Muegel

Wx.NET is completely open source and free. More information is available at:


We have recently started a fundraising campaign to support the work of
Alexander Olk on the project. Please see the following for details:


Even a little bit will help accelerate development. I've jump started the
fund by donating US$150.

Best Regards,
-Mike Muegel on behalf of the wx.NET Development Team

P.S. I briefly mentioned the new version in a posting a 
     while back but wanted to follow-up with some more detail.