[Mono-list] Applet for dotNet

Ellis, Edward edward.ellis@pnl.gov
Mon, 09 Aug 2004 10:57:15 -0700

An Applet is a Java concept.  You can view an Applet in a browser window
because the browser supports the Java run time engine as a plug-in.  I
think what you really want is to use a dotNet application as a browser
plug-in like Acrobat Reader is both a stand-alone program and a browser
plug-in.  That is somewhat harder to do and involves understanding the
many browser plug-in models.  I have been researching this lately
because it would be really cool to provide this behavior in my
application.  However, that goal is neither easy nor straight forward to
achieve and so, I have given up on it, because it is not critical to the
success of my project.  I have included some links we found useful in
determining the difficulty of the problem.


Best of luck,
J. Edward Ellis

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  Is anybody aware of any project for Applet for dotNet?

  If my question is not clear - I want to be able to use SWF/GTk#/Qt#
within browser -- similar to Java-Applets for Swing/AWT.

Happy Hacking,