[Mono-list] Installing XSP on FreeBSD 4.7

John Merryweather Cooper john_m_cooper@yahoo.com
Sun, 8 Aug 2004 20:43:58 -0700

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On Sunday 08 August 2004 02:17 pm, Ken Swift wrote:
> Has anyone had any luck installing XSP 1.0 on FreeBSD?  It configures
> fine for me, but when I got to make "gmake" it hangs.  I am assuming
> that this is the same threading problem that was addressed in some port
> patches over the past few months.  Has anyone made a port of XSP?  I am
> excited about being able to continue my C# ASP.NET development away from
> the office and away from Microsoft.  This is more of a curosity
> question...why do I have to install XSP, if I am going to be using the
> mod_mono Apache module?
> Thanks in advance -- Ken
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Since you're building on 4.7 (and the only supported version of -STABLE is=
4.10) your basic problem is that mono is not going to work.  I strongly=20
recommend that you follow the instructions in /usr/src/UPDATING and update=
your system to at least 4.10-STABLE.  There is absolutely no good reason to=
stay with 4.7, and 4.10 is a considerable improvement in many respects.

Also, it is policy (see the "Porter's Handbook") that the only supported=20
versions of FreeBSD for ports are the most recent -STABLE and -CURRENT. =20
Support for obsolete versions of FreeBSD is simply beyond the means of most=
maintainers (it's difficult enough for me with -STABLE and -CURRENT--I'd ne=
a dozen separate systems to debug each and every port I maintain back to th=
first version of FreeBSD I used (4.0).

As to porting XSP and mod_mono to FreeBSD--that is in the works.  I'm not v=
productive right now as I'm in the throws of relocating to a new job in a=20
different part of the country.  But it is high on my list of priorities.


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other ports too).
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