[Mono-list] Installing XSP on FreeBSD 4.7

Ken Swift ken@netoutlook.com
Sun, 08 Aug 2004 15:17:16 -0600

Has anyone had any luck installing XSP 1.0 on FreeBSD?  It configures 
fine for me, but when I got to make "gmake" it hangs.  I am assuming 
that this is the same threading problem that was addressed in some port 
patches over the past few months.  Has anyone made a port of XSP?  I am 
excited about being able to continue my C# ASP.NET development away from 
the office and away from Microsoft.  This is more of a curosity 
question...why do I have to install XSP, if I am going to be using the 
mod_mono Apache module?

Thanks in advance -- Ken