[Mono-list] Embedding with windows

j j@bawlsforall.com
Sun, 08 Aug 2004 16:14:42 -0400

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Hi all. I've successfully embedded the mono runtimes into an application on 
fedora core 2. But I am having problems on the windows side. It hasn't been 
easy with the lack of makefiles, headers, and utilities that gcc likes to 
have on linux. (2 days and counting) I've installed mono, gtk#, cygwin, 
mingw, and others. Right now ld.exe is complaining that it can't find 
-lmingw32. Does anyone know what this is? Or, if not, could someone point 
me in the right direction of embedding the runtimes with windows? I've read 
all the documentation I could on the go-mono page.


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