[Mono-list] Compiling and Embedding Mono with msvc

Joe Ante joe@uti.is
Wed, 04 Aug 2004 23:09:07 +0200


I couldn't agree more.

I think the 1.0.1 release is a great opportunity to get the installers on
windows right and put the dll's and lib files you need for embedding into
the normal installer. Or create an additional sdk installer which has the
libraries if you are concerned about download size.

Joachim Ante

> I am interested in compiling mono with Microsoft Visual C++. Specifically, I
> want to be able to compile the samples/embed tests.
> This would require one of two things:
> a) Precompiled Libs to link with.
> b) A Visual Studio project file that would allow me to compile the said
> libs.
> Neither of which is available in the 2 windows distributions(source, binary
> installer).
> Could anyone point me to a solution (no pun intended) to my problem?
> Another less favorable option might be to modify the makefile so I can build
> a visual studio compatible libmono.dll/libmono.lib pair with gcc on cygwin.
> However I have no knowledge of how to do this. Any help would be greatly
> appreciated!
> BTW, before posting this message I did an extensive search of the message
> database looking for similar questions. The most promising was this:
> http://lists.ximian.com/archives/public/mono-list/2002-May/005432.html
> And I have sent the author an e-mail. However, since that was 27 months ago,
> I hold little hope for a reply.
> Thanks for reading this message. Here's hoping that someone out there has
> the answer!
> Sincerely,
> Dave B.
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