[Mono-list] Trying to run XSP

A Rafael D Teixeira rafael.teixeirabr@terra.com.br
Fri, 30 Apr 2004 11:55:52 -0300

On Fri, 2004-04-30 at 10:52, robert@worksofmagic.com wrote:
> Hello-
> I configured XSP with ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/xsp, ran make and
> make install, and everything appeared to run smoothly. However, when I run
> any of the executables in my bin folder in /usr/local/xsp/bin, it says
> ./xsp.exe - Cannot execute binary file.

Have you first installed Mono? And are you running with mono runtime?

You have to issue commands like:

mono xsp.exe ...

to run .net exes in linux.

> I am running RH 9 on a Celeron 2.0 ghz. Thanks.

Hope it helps,

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