[Mono-list] WARNINGS compiling as root

Andrew Arnott AndrewArnott@byu.edu
Fri, 30 Apr 2004 07:18:34 -0600

I have one question and one problem.  Thanks in advance to those who can

First, when I compile mono as root, I get warnings from the compiler:

** (/usr/bin/mcs.exe:18961): WARNING **: Shared memory sanity check
** (/usr/bin/mcs.exe:18961): WARNING **: Failed to attach shared memory!
Falling back to non-shared handles

In spite of this warning, the compilation appears to complete just fine.
I have to compile as root so that Mono can install into /usr/local.
When I compile to somewhere else as someone other than root, no warnings
show up.  Why is this?

I guess I'll save my problem for another email. :)