[Mono-list] System.Data.Odbc.dll

Daniel Morgan danielmorgan@verizon.net
Wed, 28 Apr 2004 07:52:39 -0400

System.Data.Odbc is found in the System.Data.dll assembly.  This is because
the default setup for Mono is based on .NET 1.1
which has System.Data.Odbc in System.Data.dll

There is no System.Data.Odbc.dll.

However, I wonder if we could create a stand alone Microsoft.Data.Odbc.dll
to be compatible with .NET 1.0 which also uses a namespace of
Microsoft.Data.Odbc.  It is not included with .net 1.0, but is something you
can download from Microsoft to add ODBC support to .NET 1.0.

Remember: an assembly can contain many different namespaces.

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Where I can find System.Data.Odbc.dll ???


If you know what you are doing,
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