[Mono-list] Re: [Mono-docs-list] Mono 1.0 quickly approaching.

Dan dan@astusa.com
Tue, 27 Apr 2004 18:12:48 -0400


My mistake, I saw this on the bottom of the
http://www.go-mono.com/classlib-doc.html page:

Get Involved
Help us develop Mono's documentation tools! Subscribe to mono-docs-list and
wade right in. 

Monodoc today also supports a GUI-based collaborative editing system. You
can now edit the documentation from the browser and upload your
contributions directly to the Mono site. 

What does edit the documentation from the browser mean? 


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>  Trying to get on http://www.go-mono.com:8080/ to help with doc but 
> it's not working.

Well, to help you need Monodoc, the inline editing is not available on the
web site edition, only on the Gtk# client.
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