[Mono-list] Miguel de Icaza on Longhorn

Roberto J. Dohnert robertodohnert@mail15.com
Mon, 26 Apr 2004 21:12:14 -0400

ben@benjaminwootton.co.uk wrote:

>I've heard this argument before, and I'm not convinced.  Even disregarding howdeeply integrated media player and messenger are from a technical point ofview,
Obviously it cant be that hard to produce a version of Explorer and 
Media Player  for other operating systems, Microsoft said in its reply 
to Real that it has a version of Media Player for Linux yet I have not 
seen it. 

> <> they're an increasingly integral part of the Windows experience, 
> and two of the main areas where Microsoft can continue to innovate.

I tend to disagree, Microsoft is doing a fine job of innovating with its 
developer tools and increasing the reliability of its Operating 
Systems.  If Microsoft had kept going its route of just pushing VB and 
insecure Windows then Microsoft would have lost big time.  As it turns 
out Microsoft is starting to get serious again making good products like 
they did with NT 3.51 and the very first versions of Office

>  Instead, I'd takethe opposite view that competitors should be allowed to bundle their softwarewith Windows via OEMs, as opposed to choking Microsofts' right to innovate. This would then present a level playing field.