[Mono-list] Managed disassembler?

Stuart Ballard sballard@netreach.com
Mon, 26 Apr 2004 14:49:33 -0400

I'm looking for any kind of C# API for reading IL assemblies and 
introspecting on the contents of the methods. I don't need to go as far 
as getting all the information to produce dissassembled ilasm source 
code, but that's a superset of my needs: if someone had produced a 
managed disassembler, it would be more than enough for what I want to 

What I actually need is just to identify all method calls and references 
to types outside the assembly I'm loading.

At first I thought I'd just take the necessary parts of monodis, but it 
turns out that's unmanaged C code. Is that just historical accident?

PEAPI appears to be write-only as does S.R.Emit. There is mention of a 
PERWAPI read-write API on the PEAPI homepage, but googling for that only 
gives PEAPI and a couple of blog entries. One of the blog entries 
mentions AbsIL, with a 404 link to research.microsoft.com (so unlikely 
to be Free Software).

Anyone have any other suggestions?


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