[Mono-list] xsp or mod-mono-server logging?

Michael stuff@dustsmoke.com
Sun, 25 Apr 2004 23:57:29 -0700 (MST)

>> But my question is there any logging implemented with xsp or
>> mod-mono-server? As far as I've figured out, you can run it with -v
>> manually (don't know about the new mod_mono-0.9 and .12 auto launch
>> method) and dump it to a text file but that doesn't really do it for
>> me. XSP and mod-mono-server somewhat remind me of Tomcat in the sense
>> of what I was thinking in the way of logging. e.g. catalina.out
>> Is there anything like this implimented with xsp or mod-mono-server?
>> or is it going to be implimented sometime? I understand the oracle
>> data adapter thing might still be under development, but I somtimes
>> get confused as to why it locks mod-mono-server up on me when I'm
>> using it. As it could very well be me making mistakes or something.
> I can add configuration directives for apache in which you can pass
> additional options to mono  (such as --debug or --trace=....) and also
> provide a file name to get the output. Is that what you want?
> -Gonzalo

Yes and no, that would also be a nice addition. But mostly I am interested
in logging only relavent info of xsp or the mod-mono-server deamons. Such
as start, stops, crashes(with reason), application/compile errors and
timestamp so you can sort of go back and track things down when they go
wrong. A lot like $CATALINA_HOME/logs/catalina.out with rotating log files
if you are by chance familiar with Tomcat.

I believe running with debug and stack trace would generate a lot of extra
information in a not so graceful manner even thou it would monitor the
actual process right? It seems like it is a valuable means of getting
things going, but not something you would want to use on a productions
system. Would this not be the case?