[Mono-list] Debugger problem with wrapper.c

Patrick McNamara patrick_j_mcnamara@hotmail.com
Sat, 24 Apr 2004 11:57:55 -0400

I believe I found a bug in the ArrayList (or I'm missing a thread lock), so 
I'm trying to install the debugger to step through the code and find the 
problem.  When the debugger starts compiling the wrapper, I get the 
following warnings:
wrapper.c:33: warning: integer constant is too large for "long" type
wrapper.c: In function `debugger_lookup_assembly':
wrapper.c:111: warning: implicit declaration of function 
wrapper.c: At top level:
wrapper.c:139: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type

which leads to this error:
wrapper.o(.text+0x139): In function `debugger_lookup_assembly':
.../debugger/wrapper/wrapper.c:111: undefined reference to 

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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