[Mono-list] Web Forms and the @ Page directive

Grundgeiger, Dave dave.grundgeiger@esker.com
Fri, 16 Apr 2004 08:29:52 -0500

Gregory Junker wrote:

> ... The aspx ignores the "Inherits" attribute, which
> the above says it should, ...

I think you meant to say that the "Codebehind" attribute is ignored, which
is correct.

I can't answer for Mono, but you're right in your interpretation of how it
works in MS.NET (when not using Visual Studio):

1. Precompile your codebehind class into a .dll. [Ensure that your
codebehind class inherits from the framework's Page class
(System.Web.UI.Page in MS.NET)].
2. Copy your .dll into the bin directory of your web application.
3. In the @Page directive in your .aspx file, add the attribute:
(Ensure that you fully qualify the class name with the namespace. The
namespace of the class generated when the framework compiles your aspx is
not the same as the one in your codebehind .dll.)