[Mono-list] c# written daemon, System.ServiceProcess, posix signals handling...

RoBiK robik@mailbox.sk
Fri, 16 Apr 2004 10:17:53 +0200


I need to write an application in c#, wich should run in background and be
able to shut down gracefully when required.
The best solution would be to use the System.ServiceProcess namespace, but
this namespace is not implemented in mono. I know that there were some
discussion about this topic in summer 2003, but since i found nothing. Is
there something new in this direction?
The other way (not so nice, but would also do the job) would be the catching
of posix signals (SIGINT, SIGTERM...) but i have no idea how to do thin in
an mono application.
The last solution is to use some selfmade communication mechnism, to
comunicate with the process and initiate the shutdow - maybe using remoting
or some simpler mechanism.
Can someone give me some infos or ideas for the solution?