[Mono-list] SgmlReader "There was no XML start tag open"

Morten SvanŠw morten@web-som-virker.no
Wed, 14 Apr 2004 12:56:22 +0000


I'm new to mono and I'm trying to run a util called
The util fixes bad xml.
When I try to run a it it fails with the error message : 
"There was no XML start tag open"

This error message comes from the XmlTextWriter.WriteNode method.

It works fine in my vmware running MS .net

I've tried with the 0.31 version 
and tried to compile it with the System.Xml.dll from 13.04.04 monocharge
with same results.

Anyone got any idea how I can fix this ?

Morten Svan├Žs