[Mono-list] RE: Does Mono can support running ASP.NET on Apache Servers?

Hadi Kharrazi kharrazi@aftabpub.com
Tue, 13 Apr 2004 22:35:09 -0300

Hi Mono Team,

I'm not a developer at all, so if it is possible please help me solving
my problem. 

The problem is that I can't deploy ASP or .NET on my Apache host. I know
that there are some commercial (chilisoft) and non commercial
(Apache:ASP and Mod_gb) software but they either are expensive or

I'm not a professional; I saw the mod_mono on your website, could this
be used to run ASP or .NET web pages on Apache AS3.

If not, do you have any other solutions?

Thanks for your help,