[Mono-list] Gladify SqlSharpGtk

Daniel Morgan danielmorgan@verizon.net
Tue, 13 Apr 2004 22:37:18 -0400

Glade# works on Windows and Linux.  I haven't tried Glade#.  I know what it
is, and it sounds good.

Improvements are welcomed to SQL# For GTK#.

Has anyone had success with Glade# with your GTK# apps?  Does it make it
easier to create GUI apps?  What about making modifications to the app down
the road, such as, is it easy to add a text box to a dialog?

The nice thing about System.Windows.Forms on .NET and GTK# on Mono is that
it is easy to create a GUI application without a designer.

Currently, SQL# For GTK# works okay on Linux and Windows.
One big requirement of SQL# that I ask of you - it must be able to build and
run on both Linux and Windows.

The syntax highlighting code in it is buggy.  So, if you get lots of crashes
running it, you can turn it off.
I would like to replace it with gtksourceview#, but I do not know if it
works on Windows too.

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Warning! I know very little about Gtk, so these may be dumb questions.

If I was to work on sqlsharpgtk to Glade as much of the interface as I
could, would the changes be accepted.

Would this prevent it from being run on Windows or other OSes?

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