[Mono-list] RE: mod_mono on Apache2 - Solaris 8

Mike Cano mcano@seattletimes.com
Tue, 13 Apr 2004 17:01:59 -0700

Thanks to Chris Turchin I'm a little further along debugging this :)

I'm now trying to run xsp.exe in standalone mode to see what could be

Here's my latest attempt:
# cd /usr/share/doc/xsp/test
# mono /usr/bin/xsp.exe --root . --applications /mono:.
Listening on port: 8080
Listening on address:
Root directory: /usr/share/doc/xsp/test
Hit Return to stop the server.

And then, in a browser, requesting

xsp responds with:

Browser responds with:
Server error in '/mono' application
Description: Error processing request.=20
Error Message: HTTP 500.=20

Stack Trace: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: File '/var/tmp/45878.dll'
not found.
in (unmanaged) (wrapper managed-to-native)
System.Reflection.Assembly:LoadFrom (string) in <0x00004> (wrapper
managed-to-native) System.Reflection.Assembly:LoadFrom (string) in
<0x004f0> Mono.CSharp.CSharpCodeCompiler:CompileAssemblyFromFileBatch
in <0x00560> Mono.CSharp.CSharpCodeCompiler:CompileAssemblyFromDomBatch
in <0x00068> Mono.CSharp.CSharpCodeCompiler:CompileAssemblyFromDom
in <0x001ac> System.Web.Compilation.CachingCompiler:Compile
in <0x003ec> System.Web.Compilation.BaseCompiler:GetCompiledType () in
<0x002e0> System.Web.Compilation.AspGenerator:GetCompiledType () in
in <0x00044>
(string,System.Web.HttpContext) in <0x00044>
System.Web.HttpApplicationFactory:CompileApp (System.Web.HttpContext) in
<0x00038> System.Web.HttpApplicationFactory:InitializeFactory
(System.Web.HttpContext) in <0x000b4>
System.Web.HttpApplicationFactory:GetInstance (System.Web.HttpContext)
in <0x00190> System.Web.HttpRuntime:InternalExecuteRequest

Now, when the page is requested, /var/tmp/45878.cs is created. It's
interesting that the FileNotFoundException shows 45878.dll as not being
found. Does this shed any light on what might be wrong? I'm curious
whether there should be a dll or xsp should be looking for the cs file.

Thanks for any help!

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Subject: mod_mono on Apache2 - Solaris 8

Hi there,

Excuse my newbesence. I hope this is the correct list for this question.
If not, let me know.

I'm trying to serve up asp.net pages on my apache2 sparc solaris 8
platform using mod_mono.

Firstly, I removed the apache app that comes with Solaris 8 to eliminate
any contention.

Next, I installed mono-0.31, apache-2.0.43, xsp-0.9, mod_mono-0.31.

I can compile and run a simple helloworld.cs.

I've stepped through the mod_mono/INSTALL procedure on my Sparc Solaris
8 machine and all went well with no errors encountered.

XSP running fine as apache user - owns and can rw to
Apache2 starts okay - can serve regular html pages.

But, when trying to request the test page at
/usr/share/doc/xsp/test/index.aspx the browser just spins and spins...

No server errors or messages, no xsp errors.

Don't really know where to go from here. I'd like to at least debug
this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!