[Mono-list] I give up / Mac OS X PPC support

Griffin Caprio griffincaprio@mac.com
Fri, 9 Apr 2004 00:01:32 -0500

> Yes, Mono on MacOS X is not ready.  We will have a proper announcement
> when it is ready for consumption.
> We are aware of the bugs, and the problems on the engine, you will do
> yourself a service by just waiting at this point, trying to compile 
> Mono
> on MacOS is only frustrating at this time.

I wish I heard the above statement two months ago ;)

It's not so much that it isn't ready, it more of the goose chase I felt 
I was on.  I kept finding little scraps of information about compiling 
Mono/PPC.  A lot of 'Try XXX, it worked for me'.

If someone or some documentation simply stated that Mono/PPC wasn't 
ready for developers to compile, i would have switched modes from 
trying to use it to trying to help fix it.

As it stands, i just got frustrated thinking i wasn't doing something 
correctly.  The lack of response from the lists seemed to confirm my 
feelings, because i assumed I was asking bad questions that had already 
been answered somewhere else.

I just got burnt out I guess.

I will keep following the development, and I hope to contribute some 
day.  One question I do have for everyone is who owns the Mono/PPC 
port?  Is there someone steering it that I should be contacting 
directly, or is it more of a free for all?