[Mono-list] Windows.Forms on Debian

David Wright ichbin@shadlen.org
Thu, 08 Apr 2004 19:53:22 -0700

I know that WinForms issues have been dealt with on this list before, 
but I was unable to find this one addressed.

I am using the Debian packages of Mono 0.31; the libwine package is also 
installed. mcs has no problem compiling a simple WinForms app that uses 

When I first ran the resulting .exe, it complained about not finding 
libuser32.dll.so and libwinnt.dll.so. I could fix the first problem by 
creating a simlink
    /usr/lib/libuser32.dll.so -> /usr/lib/wine/user32.dll.so
But there is no winnt.dll.so in libwine or any other Debian package. If 
I map libwindt.dll.so to some random .dll.so, mono complains about 
failing to load the function PROCESS_InitWine, so apparently it's 
looking for whatever DLL contains that function. Can anyone here help?