[Mono-list] Just a question about mono on/from red carpet

Thomas R. Corbin corbin@samsixedd.com
Thu, 8 Apr 2004 07:28:56 -0500

I got mono from red-carpet, and I'm wondering about a few things.  

    o  When I run monodoc and look at the docs for GnomeDb.Application, I get

		An error occured while loading type information: File 'gnomedb-sharp' not 		

	I can't find a gnomedb-sharp.dll on my system.   Am I supposed to?

	There's a similar situation for gda-sharp.

    o  I can't seem to find the nunit or nant programs.   I see the source,
	 though, and I can download it.   Are these programs supposed to come with
	mono from red-carpet?

    o  Ditto for mono-develop.   I know it's early days for mono-develop, but 
	was just wondering if I should expect it on/from red-carpet.

I'm starting to learn mono/C# and am quite enjoying it.   I've been a java 
programmer for a long time and definitely like C# quite a bit.   I've been 
fascinated by mono for a while and have recently decided to take the plunge 
and actually start writing GUI stuff with it.    So, unfortunately I'll be 
asking a lot of "we did X in java, how do I do it in mono?" type questions.

I wrote a GIS viewer in java and may have a project coming up in the fall 
where I have the possible opportunity of doing what I want.   I can reuse the 
java code or start from scratch.   So one thing I'm doing is evaluating mono 
for that purpose.   Our clients all run on windows, though they are 
interested in linux.   I do all my development on linux.   It's worked out 
fairly well so far.    I've never really used any windows computers, so I'm a 
bit nervous about doing development on windows, and I love my linux.

One thing I'm trying to figure out is if I start development in the fall, if I 
should decide to use .NET/mono, should I uses Windows.Forms or gtk, and what 
shape the mono versions will be in by then.   I know the roadmap says they 
should be in good shape by the middle of summer, so that's reassuring.

So far, I find mono to be exciting and high quality stuff, and am enjoying it 

One thing I am doing is going through the gtk# tutorial and running every 
piece of sample code.   A lot of it seems like it could be cleaned up and 
commented, though I don't know if comments in code are good for a tutorial, 
as the tutorial text is there to explain things.   Would you be interesting 
in getting modified samples back?   I guess there is probably sample programs 
in the source tree, so probably not.

I would love to help document stuff, but I don't know how much time I can give 
and am a bit nervous because I'm still learning the system.