[Mono-list] I give up

Timothy Parez tpsoftware@users.sourceforge.net
Thu, 08 Apr 2004 09:52:53 +0200

It's no use building 50 wrappers for GUI toolkits, we need a single 
stable 100% working toolkit.
A GUI toolkit will only succeed if

- It runs on both Windows & *Nix platforms without restrictions
- It can be easely installed by grandpa and grandma
- There is a good GUI form editor available (think about it, why else 
are there so much VB6/Delphi developers out there, productivity doesn't 
come from VI)

Sure support for SWF needs to be offered, but I doubt it will ever work 
100%. GTK# is actually a good candidate, but there are still lots of 
things missing when it comes to windows.
However with the upcoming visual editor for MonoDevelop its future looks 
very promising.
Open source has new releases very frequently so for the end user it's 
rather cumbersome to stay up-to-date.
One of the reasons windows developers grab to SWF is because at least 
they don't have to update every five seconds to get it working.
(of course I woudn't have it any other way, I like frequent updates :p)
Woudn't it be nice of you could just install GTK# in the GAC once using 
a quick NSIS installer and then use it?.

oh well....
I like developing libraries, I'll stick to that for now :p