[Mono-list] I give up

Joop gkokmdam@zonnet.nl
Thu, 08 Apr 2004 08:05:41 +0200

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Hi lists, (hope this does not get mis-understood... I'm not subscribed 
to any of the non-mono-lists :-( although I maybe should be)
this problem I have seen with Mono and the other .NET implementations is 
just the problem the original poster poses. There is not "real 
commitment to"/"clear road-a-head for"/"direction in" supporting the GUI 
side of things. The GUI is left far behind compared to the 
file/networking/HTML/server etc. etc. support in these .NET 
implementations. This is why it is not yet fully usable to all those 
developers that only want to create a 'simple' GUI application. Hope 
this will change soon as I do have the desire to go an write some nice 
programs in .NET. I just don't have the need to all the 
file/networking/HTML/server stuff yet.
Joop Zonnet

Giuseppe Greco wrote:
> Hi Marcus,
> Of course, Mono is still under development, but the most
> important components are there, and they work. Here, at
> Agamura, we are developing a sophisticated online gaming
> delivery network on Linux with Mono, and up to now, we
> have had just few problems... Furthermore, when we report
> a bug, it is always fixed in a short time!
> Mono's implementation of ASP.NET is also usable and
> mod_mono/apache seems to be faster than .NET/ISS.
> We use NAnt as build tool, and we are able to compile a
> project either on Linux or MS Windows with no changes
> (even if we compile on Windows just for test purposes).
> I think Mono will be one of the best .NET alternatives...
> and don't forget that behind Mono there is a company
> like Novell...
> So, don't feel frustrated and go ahead.
> j3d.
>>After trying to work with Mono, Portable.NET, Qt, and KDE, I've realized
>>I'm fighting a battle that I cannot win. Mono supports Gtk# (and GTK+) to
>>exclusion of any other platform. Portable.NET is behind their own SWF
>>implementation, but at least they are a bit more agnostic. The Qt/KDE
>>community seems to find the entire concept of C# and its use of metadata
>>JIT compilation repulsive.
>>I'm tired of trying and failing. I'm tired of having no one to support me.
>>tired of feeling isolated and alone.
>>It's just not worth it. Maybe I will end up Windows XP and .NET. Who
>>knows. I
>>just know that the Free software community has got to be the most hostile
>>intolerant group of people I have ever encountered.
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