[Mono-list] MonoDoc Crash

Timothy Parez tpsoftware@users.sourceforge.net
Mon, 5 Apr 2004 19:23:07 +0200


Whenever I try to run monodoc I get

[root@pctimo timothy]# monodoc

** (<unknown>:5033): WARNING **: Missing method get_EventList in assembly /usr/lib/gtkhtml-sharp.dll typeref index 9

** ERROR **: file mini.c: line 3189 (mono_method_to_ir): assertion failed: (cmethod)
/usr/bin/monodoc: line 53:  5033 Afgebroken              mono --debug browser.exe $OPTIONS $* $REST

I've got the latest GTK# and MonoDevelop runs aswell, but as soon as I touch anything wich uses monodoc it crashes

Any ideas?