AW: [Mono-list] About RPMS of .NET packages (using MonoDevelop asa case study)

Shahms King
Mon, 05 Apr 2004 08:24:21 -0700

For the general case of distributing .NET applications, I agree,
however, he's discussing the specific case of distributing RPMS of .NET
applications.  In the specific case of RPM, there are a number of
applications whose sole intent is handling these dependency issues
somewhat transparently.  They are, admittedly, not as user-friendly as
they could be, but if you're going to the trouble to package your
application as an RPM, the added trouble of packaging any
as-yet-unpackaged dependencies and adding them all to a package
repository is minimal.  Doing so also ensures the automatic resolution
of dependencies for users who want to install your software.

If you're just throwing up a .zip file for your application, by all
means, put the (less commonly used) dependencies in the zip file with
the application...

Shahms King <>